Science is limitless in its potential to improve human and planetary health

CMB is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2006 to transform the way high school students experience scientific discovery

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Principles guiding program and resource design

Our programs and resources conform to a core set of design principles aimed at placing students at the nexus of nature, science, and technology

Early engagement in research with important societal implications

Early exposure to the scientific
model-building enterprise

Early immersion in learning experiences and hands-on workflows that integrate concepts and methods from a diversity of science domains

Early membership into the scientific
research community as real data contributors

Early opportunities to explore science as a collaborative social enterprise that spans a diversity of dimensions and scales

A multidisciplinary approach to science
teaching and learning

Collaboration is the linchpin of our success. Since its inception, the Integrative Biosciences Program has leveraged the collective expertise of research scientists, education researchers, in-service science teachers, teacher educators, nationally recognized evaluators, bioinformaticians and data specialists, and science media and communication experts.

Core Team

Ralph Imondi, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Linda Santschi, Ph.D.

Scientific Director

Darcy Duffy, M.S.

Project Manager

Andrea Iorizzo, B.F.A.

Graphic Design, Science Media

Greg Hatem, B.S.

IT Specialist