One Wolrd, One Science

Most high school students are accustomed to learning science in a very different way than it is actually practiced in real-world scientific research settings. As a consequence, students develop an unrealistic perception of science that overlooks many of its most valuable and exciting elements, leaving them disengaged and uninspired. The authentic and hands-on scientific work that students pursue at CMB is conducted within a dynamic and interactive environment that was specifically designed to emulate a graduate school learning setting. By pursuing scientific questions within an authentic research environment, students gain an appreciation for the daily practice of science and a realistic understanding of what scientists do and how they do it. Our goal is not to inspire every student to pursue scientific careers. Instead, we join a growing alliance of academicians who use the process of scientific inquiry as a tool to foster scientific habits of mind (critical and creative thinking, collaboration, strong communication skills) that will empower our students to become more rational and responsible citizens, environmental stewards, and our next generation of leaders and innovators.

Through rich field explorations that emphasize, with striking clarity, the connectivity of all living systems (one world), our students invest in the pursuit of advanced scientific questions that erode traditional scientific boundaries and bind them to one another and to the natural world (one world, one science). We believe that our unswerving emphasis on the interconnectedness of the natural world and the remarkable applications of a growing suite of modern technologies will inspire young minds and promote the highest levels of creative thought.

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