In scientific research settings, the free exchange of dialog and ideas among colleagues is integral to the daily practice of science and essential for the successful pursuit of scientific inquiry. At CMB, each student is regarded as a respected member of a scientific team working toward a common goal within a dynamic, interactive, and real-world research environment. To take full advantage of the CMB experience, every student is expected to assume his/her responsibilities as a scientific team member. These responsibilities include the conscientious execution of all field and laboratory work, diligent participation in scientific discussions, and productive interactions with their colleagues and CMB’s scientific advisors.

In addition to conducting the laboratory and field studies associated with their program session, CMB students are expected to collaborate on the design of a multimedia presentation that relates their laboratory and field experiences to the broader One World, One Science program theme. A significant portion of each day is set-aside for student researchers to discuss, develop, and represent their ideas using various forms of interactive media (e.g. narrated film segments, real-time video microscopy clips, annotated digital images and micrographs, animations, GIS data etc.). CMB's multimedia conference area contains five 24” iMac workstations equipped with a full suite of professional and scientific software needed for students to create high quality presentations of their scientific work.

On the final night of each resident program session, students present a synthesis of their field and laboratory work to an audience consisting of family members and invited guest scientists. Together with CMB scientists, invited guests will enthusiastically evaluate presentations for their effectiveness and innovation in highlighting the program's central theme. Presentations will conclude with a question and answer session and an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding student achievement.

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