As a formal method of inquiry, science is the intellectual driving force behind many of humankind’s most remarkable achievements. As a process-driven teaching paradigm that cultivates creative and critical thinking, technology literacy, strong communication skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively with peers, scientific inquiry embodies the full spectrum of educational outcomes required for rational citizenship, responsible environmental stewardship, and success in the 21st century workplace.

Keeping life in the life sciences: Transcending systems and scales

Outdoor experiential learning strategies are quite effective at connecting students to nature and raising awareness of key environmental issues. However, their remarkable potential to bridge the intellectual chasm that separates interpretive explorations of nature from deep investigations in the natural sciences is largely unexploited. Bridging this chasm through conceptually integrated field and laboratory studies is central to CMB’s educational strategy. Through this approach, CMB captures student fascination and invests its students in the scientific enterprise and the promise it holds for benefiting humanity and the environment.

Keeping it real: Engaging students as citizen scientists in authentic research endeavors

Providing students with an opportunity to build upon our scientific knowledge-base as citizen scientists only heightens their investment. As the daily practice of science unfolds and the interconnectedness of scientific fields and their ties to the natural world are revealed, students adopt an exciting new perception of the scientific discovery process and develop fresh perspectives that impart meaning and personal relevance to their efforts. These elements, which are sorely lacking in traditional learning settings, exemplify what is needed to stimulate interest in science careers and enhance student performance in science disciplines.

Keeping science and science education in the same focal plane: Creating transformative models for integration

CMB is an experiment that was formulated by scientists in direct response to key recommendations for science education reform. Our long-term mission is to expand our learning laboratory to accommodate the research interests of top-flight resident and visiting scientists who are committed to engaging younger students in the scientific enterprise within a unique learning milieu. We believe that a resource of this kind – dedicated to serving the compound interests of science and science education – holds enormous potential to create transformative and scaleable models for integration into secondary and undergraduate education.

Investing in the CMB experiment

We invite like-minded scientists to invest intellectual capital in the CMB experiment, either through direct involvement in our efforts, or through the exchange of ideas that culminate in the engagement of high school students in the daily practice of science. We invite others to invest financial capital in CMB’s vision to assemble the physical and human resources needed to accommodate the mutual interests of scientists, students, and educators.

Feel free to contact us for more specific information on how you can help CMB meet these ambitious aims. Coastal Marine Biolabs is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing inquiry-based, cross-disciplinary learning opportunities for students.

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