Dan Harding Artist Statement:

Tidepool Discoveries: Images from a Different Point of View

Objective: To locate and photograph some of the smallest and most secretive residents of our southern California tidepools. Their macro portraits were taken using a white background in a mini aquarium studio on location. After the photos, each animal was returned to its specific home. This series began in the Fall of 2011 and has no end in sight. (click here to see me in action)

An early fascination with the marine life in local tidepools quickly led to scuba dives in kelp forests of the Channel Islands at age 15. This evolved into degrees in marine science from SDSU (San Diego State University) and a teaching career in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Ojai, California. New and unusual perspectives is the driving force behind my photography. I often design and construct my own underwater housings for specific types of shots. Through photos I attempt to share my passion for the natural world and want others to see and preserve it.


Dan Harding

" The happiest and freest person is a scientist investigating nature,
or the artist admiring it "
Robinson Jeffers   (1941) 

 Photo Displays and Publications:

  • California State University at Channel Islands - Islands Cafeteria
  • Ventura County Government Center - various exhibits
  • Ventura Hyperbaric Medicine Center - permanent exhibit
  • CMH facilities, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, Fillmore, Santa Paula
  • Oxnard Visitors Bureau
  • Ventura Visitors Bureau
  • Island Packers, Ventura and Oxnard
  • Red Brick Gallery, Ventura
  • Central Coast Visitors Bureau
  • California State Parks Education Programs
  • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Photo Display
  • Coastal Marine Biolabs,Ventura
  • Channel Islands National Park - displays
  • Museum of Ventura County
  • Santa Paula Oil Museum
  • California Island Symposium -  2013 calendar
  • Poems Art - Utah
  • Peterson Field Guide: A Field Guide to Coral Reefs of the Caribbean and Florida
  • Tropical Pacific Reef Fish - Humann/Deloach
  • Portland State University Magazine
  • Pepperdine University - grunion research program           
  • Presenting Magazine
  • National Geographic-Your Shot
  • Assorted magazine and newspaper publications

Dan Harding Website: www.pacificimages.biz